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I had quite an adventure in the beginning of the month at Chris Guillebeau’s World Domination Summit and the lessons I’ve learned getting there, through the events, and heading back home; will follow me for a long time.

I think the most challenging part for us (me and my husband) was getting there!

We found out, as we were airborne, that we’re sitting on the wrong flight!
Our agent booked us the wrong Portland!!

So our adventure began even before the official events, with figuring out how to get there on time, with good mood and smile on our faces.
We did it. And much MORE!

Here are my biggest lessons I want to share with you from those days:

1. In this kind of adventure and traveling half way around the world, things might go wrong sometimes. You can never know what’s the purpose of those stumbling-blocks, but when you encounter every life experience with a purpose, as Jadah Sellner put so beautifully, things can never go wrong.

I experienced that first hand and then learned about that more deeply again when Jadah told her story of Simple Green Smoothie creation on stage.
In retrospect I know part of the reason we had such a hard time getting to Portland, was so I can have a good story to tell. One that people will remember and engage. It was so amazing and empowering to understand that as we dealt with the scenario and even more so now after the experience.

2. You have a chance to live a brave life every day; you just need to take small brave decisions-  Talk to a new person in the crowd, make new friends, approach one of the keynote speakers, try something new and more!
The fun part is that every one of us is already brave thanks to our life experiences; we just need a reminder sometimes.
I needed a reminder.
Thanks to Garry Hirsh I’ve got a Brave Bot to do that.
Hand painted Brave Bot “programmed” to help me take wonderful risks!  A reminder of my courage.

Brave Bot

3. I was put here on this earth to make a difference, in bigger and better way that I can even imagine. As long as I feel that way and take small steps in that direction – that all that’s matters!

4. When you gather likeminded people from all over that world (literally!!) in one place, magical things happen. It’s not just the inspirational keynotes that made WDS special; it’s also (if not mostly), the people that took part of this experience.
I wanted to talk to everyone, go to every meet-up, and connect with every person in the audience. Obviously that wasn’t possible so I had to trust that the right people will come my way.
And they did! I’m sure of it. Every person I’ve met was wonderful, inspiring and so much fun! That definitely made my experience those days so much powerful. Good people.

wds community

5. Finally, I think there is one little thing that was engraved in my thoughts from the moment I decided to buy the tickets to WDS until I got back home.
One little thought that said:
Follow your heart, even if it takes you to unexpected places (tweet that!)
I’m so glad I’ve listened!!
My adventure at WDS was much more then I’ve expected. I feel I’m different now in some way. That I have more clarity, courage and motivation to make an impact and follow my dreams.
That alone is amazing!

Hopefully I’ll be there again next summer.
Maybe you should too (:





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  1. Marsha from
    August 5, 2014 Reply

    “When you gather likeminded people from all over that world (literally!!) in one place, magical things happen.” – including turning up in matching outfits! Love it :)

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