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Marcie Paige

Before my coaching session with Adi I was confused about what steps to take to market my online training program.
I was also struggling with what content I should share for free on my blog and what I should save for my paying customers.

After our session I had some new action steps to take so I could reach my ideal clients. Adi provided me with ideas I had not thought of before and I got more clearer about what content would be right for my blog and what I should only share within my online classroom.

I recommend working with Adi if you are feeling stuck and need a new perspective.
Sometimes I get stuck circling the same ideas for too long without making a decision. Thank you Adi for all the help!!

Marcie Paige | Founder of Baby Sign Studio | Canada


Alissa Bush about Adi Maor Siso

I was not sure what to think about the clarity session before the call.
I just hoped it would put some of the clutter in my brain to rest.
After the session I thought it was extremely helpful.
Going into the call not really knowing what to expect I was surprised with all the information Adi had for me based on what I had told her I was struggling with.
My big problem was trying to figure out how to grow my business in a way that sets me apart from all the competition. Trying to figure out where to start and what to do..

So I have not had a chance to implement any of the items that we talked about yet but I do have a fairly clear vision now as to what I want to do and where I want to start.
One of the them being using Instagram more in my business to increase sales as I have a very visual business and that using that I can also show some of the styling ideas and services that I plan to offer.
It is extremely helpful to talk to someone and talk it through.
I would suggest having an idea of what you need clarity on before going in, to get the most out of the session, and to be completely open to suggestions and what is being said to get the best results.
Thank you so much for such a wonderful session!!  I really appreciate it!!

Alissa Bush | Twirl Boutique | Colorado, USA


I did a session with Adi because I know her qualities and I knew that getting inspired from her will bring me to take action.

I felt it was important to work with someone that built her own business, was experienced and that could give me the tools I need.

Someone that will help me move towards my goals.

After our very productive session, I got a clear vision of my ideas. I realized I was wrong with my big picture and got focused on what IS important, got ideas to follow through, action plan and thoughts for the future.

The best part of the meeting was her quick understanding of my idea and how she navigated through it. Adi didn’t have any criticism, only ways to break it down for me so I’ll understand what I need to do now.

I really recommend everybody to follow her activities because everything she does get her clients focused and clear.
Also, I think the most important things people should know about Adi is that she’s honest, reliable, thorough, smiley person and that its worth spending money consulting with her because it will bring future costumers no doubt!
Thank you so much, with big love. Yonit.

Yonit Tzuk | Blog researcher - Blogeristit | Israel


Niri Shaul

I’ve started working with Adi on the first stage of establishing my business, knowing that I’ll be able to receive many tools from her that will help me build a firm basis to my business.

Knowing Adi and her business conduct on the last few years, it was clear to me that I want someone like her to be my business mentor; one who is an entrepreneur herself and who takes her ideas into action in such a professional and precise way, a woman of act and not only talk – someone I can trust to give me the right support and consultation.

Right after our first meeting I’ve came out with some interesting conclusions about my business, lots of ideas and clarifications of important points and many tools to work with by myself, which is something I recognize as highly important for me, when working with an adviser – to have the ability to work alone and progress by myself in-between meetings.

Adi is very pleasant and attentive, highly professional, gives a lot of tools and knowledge from her own business world and it’s really important to her to get to all the exact points throughout the process and make sure everything is clear.
She is very easy to work with, since she makes herself available to you and makes you feel like you can always turn to her with any question or even the smallest problem – and that’s, from my experience, really very reassuring!

I recommend working with Adi, to anyone who stands at the first step of her way as an entrepreneur and wants to organize things and learn how to be conducted inside her own business at the most efficient way, and at the same time to get tools that will help her evolve and grow correctly within the business. Especially businesses in the lifestyle area, which is her specialty and she has many relevant tips that comes as a bonus.

I’ll be more than happy to answer any personal question about the process – feel free to ask :)

Niri Shaul | Niri Shaul Styling | Israel