Want to know me a little better?


You’re probably here because you want to know if I can really help you overcome your overwhelm.

I get it.


You’re struggling to strike a balance between your business and your family. You’re emailing customers instead of playing with your little one, and that guilt just adds to the problem.

The to-do lists keep getting longer, and even though you’re working hard day in, day out, you’re still not bringing in enough income to make all of the stress “worth it.”


I know how you feel. Up until few years ago, I was there.

When I opened my business as a makeup artist after years in military service (which is a story in itself…), I didn’t really know where to start.

I tried a bit of everything. Some worked, some didn’t. I invested a lot of money in programs and trainings that never seemed to make a difference.

Between two pregnancies, handling the kids, our house, finding new customers, making money and having a business that works for me and not the other way around, it was all too much.

I was frustrated, I was sad, and I wasn’t living the life I’d envisioned when I started this journey.


 At that point, I realized something had to change.

I started to collect tools and methods that could help me. It was a mix of practical tools and mental ones.

I analyzed my behavior and my habits to figure out what was working and what I could improve.

I experimented and refined a system that worked.


And so, step-by-step, I began to see the change. I now have much more control over what happens in my life and in my business. My work no longer takes my time away from my kids.

I have time to have fun, I have time to be with my husband… I have time for myself!

I’m able to do more of what I enjoy, and less of what I don’t.

This new way of living allows me to maintain my serenity, keep my calmness, and feel more balanced.

I started this business because I know there are a lot of women in the world that experience exactly what I went through. My main goal is to help those women, wonderful women like you,  get out of this sense of confusion about their business and make the changes they need to actually enjoy the journey of entrepreneurship.


It’s a step-by-step process with small, consistent changes in habits that will eventually lead to the balanced career and family that you’ve been dreaming of.


You don’t have to live stressed.

You don’t have to give up your time with your family.

You don’t have to give up your business or your dreams.

You can have it all! You just need to take the first step.



Want to know even more about me?

  I’m a mom of two tiny toddlers. Happily married to Ron, a business consultant.

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In the past, I served in the Navy, as an officer on a combat ship (missile boat) and then as head of the Department of Navy simulators.

I was responsible for all the enormous scale projects both in terms of complexity , and in terms of budget and management.

While I was there I built multi-year programs, I managed myself and others on a daily basis and I gained a lot of tools and practice in managing projects of various sizes.


When I decided to make my career change, I strongly felt the need to move to a more feminine field and opened my business as a makeup artist.

Even there I looked for the challenging and different work I could do.

I built special workshops and courses, I developed a unique method of natural makeup, I gave lectures and created online products in an online makeup school.

Even researched for information about makeup and sales and did a whole convention around that topic for business women last year.

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But my love for entrepreneurship, women, marketing and personal development were stronger.  It gave me the passion to help other women fulfill their dream.

The dream of balanced life and working business.