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Keep Track During October

I’ve created this page for all of you that joined after the challenge started, and also so you could keep track easily about what’s going on this month.
Every challenge has a reason for being there. Sometimes it will be obvious and sometimes it will be hard for you to see the connection, but I promise you – there is one.
The important part is to keep trying, especially if those things are new to you, keep in mind the dream you’re building through this challenge and don’t forget to share it so we can support and cheer you on.

Things you’ll need for this challenge:

Below are your daily challenges for the next weeks, but it’s SUPER IMPORTANT to follow me on instagram and like me on facebook so you can get daily reminders. I will not be sending you daily emails (except for specific challenge days) because I don’t want it to be nagging.

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This will keep you accountable and give all the women a chance to cheer you on (ladies, make sure to leave comments on each others pics!).

Here are the daily challenges so far!

Tuesday – Start Fresh, Clean Up Your Desk

Whether you’re a tidy person or a messy one, clearing your desk will clear distractions and will help you get much more productive and creative. It’s the fresh start you need to make decisions and get things done.

Wednesday - Intuitive Writing, Clean Up Your Head

Inner chaos creates outer chaos. I’m sure you heard that before, right? Yesterday we cleaned our desks. Today we’re clearing our thoughts.
Start your day with your notebook and just write. Try to write about your setbacks or fears, but don’t over think it. Even few minutes of intuitive writing can make you feel relaxed and focused.

Thursday – Create Your Own Mind Map
Mind mapping will help you organized your thoughts. Sometime we just juggling too many things and all the to-do lists are mixed together with our new projects and we can’t figure out what to do first. This way all your assignments and wants are ON PAPER and not in your heads.
When things are out of your head you can think clearly and make decisions.

(If you don’t know what a mind map is or how to create one – don’t worry. You can check how to do it here on my blog.)

Friday – Clear Your Heart and Choose One Idea

Take a walk out side, choose a favorite place to sit outdoors, take the fresh air in. It’s choosing time. After we have all our thoughts and ideas on paper it’s time to ask ourselves very specific questions about what’s right for us.
I’ll send those Q’s in PDF format so you can print it and take it with you out side. The open air will guide you.

Saturday – Create Your Project Inspiration Board
Inspiration board will help you stay focused and motivated when things won’t work as planed. You can use it to remember WHY you want this so much and WHAT can fill your heart with the motivation you need. It can be small and simple. Don’t complicate things too much.

Sunday – Watch Your Favorite TED

I like to keep my energy high all week with wonderful inspiring activities. That includes Sundays. So open your favorite inspiring TED talk and watch it again. Share with us the talk and why you love it so much. We all want to enrich our stoke of inspiration videos (:

Monday – Declare Your Intentions to the World

After we made our decision last week about the idea we want to go for, it’s declaration time. It’s not enough to know it in our heart. We need to say it out load, to write it in a public place (like Facebook…) and generally just let the Universe know that This Is It; and it can help you now.

Tuesday - Create Your Project Mind Map

In last week’s post I’ve showed you how to create a “todo” list mind map. In the same way you can create a specific project mind map so you can hang in front of you, showing you the big picture of what you should do.

Wednesday - Research Your Project

Every new idea comes with a lot of unknown factors. How long it would take, prices, places, providers you’ll need and more. I can guarantee you’ll have to get this part done. The good thing is that sometime it doesn’t have to be actually YOU – you just need to list what you’re looking for.

Thursday – Planning & Building the Big Picture

If you’re creating a BIG new project in your business, you’ll have to see the big picture all year long and plan accordingly. Take your yearly calendar out and start putting some anchor goals. Use as many colors and markers you want. Make it creative and fun!
(I’ll send you a link to a new post on my blog that would help you).

Friday – Create a Master List for Your Project

Big project means big list. Don’t stick with it in your head. Let it all out on a Master List so you and other people you work with can check and work with.
I like to use simple Excel but there are a lot of great apps for that too.

Saturday – Take a Walk Outdoors

After this very intensive week, you’ll need to breathe in nature and get inspired. So take your walk and thinking outside. You’ll come back energized and pumped with new ideas and insights about your project.

Sunday – Relax and Rest

Let your body rest. For real. I know it’s hard sometimes not to do anything. I’m like that. But sometime we need to listen to our body and mind and rest. Think of the best place for you to lay down and relax and do that.


Monday – Start Your Week with a Green Smoothie

There is nothing more refreshing, energetic and great then to start your day with a smoothie. It did wonders for me and I’m sure it will do the same to you. If you just starting out (don’t worry, I’m a beginner too…) you can check “simple green smoothie“. It’s the middle of their challenge too so it’s a good timing to jump on.


Tuesday – Write in Your Journal

If needed put your journal beside you bed so you’ll do that first thing in the morning!
Try to write about things that can lift your spirit, it’s a great way to start your day full with inspiration. You can write about wonderful things that happened yesterday, about this upcoming day, ask a question and let your subconscious mind answer it; and more.


Wednesday - Put some Music and Dance

When was the last time you took a break from your screens, turned up the music and danced in the middle of the room/ day?

It’s so much fun!! No one has to see you. Close the door if you have to, but just DANCE. Move your body and fill yourself with all the motivation and energy you’ll need for the rest of the day.


Thursday – Dress up Even If You’re Working from Home

Working in your PJ’s is a bad habit, not a good one. Try to dress up more then usual today and see how you feel about it. When you feel good, your spirit is lifted, your motivation gets higher and you feel you can do any thing today!
Special BONUS – put your makeup on as well!


Friday - Plan Next Week

Crucial part of getting things done from week to week is staying focused on your goals, see your progress this week, and plan the week ahead. Things not always working as planned and you should check yourself to stay on track.


Saturday – Open a Book with a Question

Ooh…I love this one! Have you ever tried to ask a book a question? I’m guessing you didn’t. Well I did and it’s inspiring and fun! So, pick a question about something you feel is holding you back. Try to be clear as you can about it. Then open a book in a random page to see the answer – I can promise you lots of fun AND insights!

(Try to use a personal development book, but if you don’t have one; any other would be great too).


Sunday – Move Your Body Outside

Go outside and take the fresh air in. You need it. It’s inspiration for your soul and spirit. If you have a Yoga mat, this is a good opportunity to take it outdoors.

Monday – Watch an Inspirational Video

A good way to start your day and your week is by inspiration. It can come in all kind of forms – today it’s a video. I’ll put a link to my latest favorite one on Facebook, but you can find a LOT on the web. Save them in an accessible place so you can use them more easily.

Tuesday - Go Work Outside

Sometimes you need to change your work environment to get inspired and focused. Take your laptop or notebook and go work outside. It can be at your favorite park or at your favorite coffee shop. The change of scenery will do the trick.

Wednesday – Scrapbook Your Business Success  

This day is going to be so much fun! I want you to create a “Success Notebook”. A notebook that you can open read and get motivated to act.
You’ll write your successes there, but the real challenge is to use some scrapbooking ideas and creativity to bring your story to life in a visual way. Our brain works and remembers things much better and fully when you put some art in your journaling.

Thursday – Walk Barefoot on the Ground for Few Minutes

Grounding is a real simple way you can connect with yourself and nature, relax and feel better. Think of all the time you walked barefoot on sand, it was great, right? Try that today, even for few minutes.

Friday – Plan Next Week

Crucial part of getting things done from week to week is staying focused on your goals, see your progress this week, and plan the week ahead. Things not always working as planned and you should check yourself to stay on track.
Saturday - Start a New Book

When was the last time you started a new book? It doesn’t have to be a personal development book, just one that will make you happy and be something you’re looking forward to every day. It is much needed break time from work for your brain.

Sunday – Meditate

It is a challenge even for me. I always struggle with my thoughts in the attempt of keeping them calm and quiet. Pick your meditation track, take a deep breath and work on that. I always feel better, focus and creative after a short meditation break. If you can, try to do it first thing in the morning.


I’ll update this page from week to week! So you can come back and visit (:
Enjoy the journey!


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